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Welcome to my personal website, and thank you for stopping by.


You have probably been searching through all kinds of sites.  Escort malls, review sites, personal sites, Ad sites and you just are not sure what to do now.   I Suggest you take a long slow deep breath and relax.  Clear your head and eas off on the pressure.  It is not easy making a choice like this.

I am an easy going gal.  Pretty simple to get along with and I like to have fun.  I have enough experience that I will not be shocked by what you seek.  And all the skills that come from plenty of practice.  I am a mature woman in good shape.  A native to southern California, born in Orange County, and raised here too!  I enjoy the outdoors and I also appreciate a night in, by the fireplace.  A Gourmet restaurant for dinner, or just cheeze and crackers with a nice bottle of wine, both suit me fine.  

Educated, I can carry my share of the conversation.  Witty, I can get a laugh out of you.  Sexy, I can dance the night away.  I will make you feel  comfortable very quickly.  I want you to relax and enjoy every moment we spend together.


So have a look around the site and when you are ready, contact me.  Lets see how much fun you have been missing in your life.


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my website,


Muah, kissy kissy and all that jazz